The movable and imovable assets after assesment & evaluation took over by local numberdars.

(Exile chairman BNF Abdul Hamid khan)

Through an official report of the assistant Commisioner Gupis/Yasin, Ghizer District of Gilgit Baltistan, the exiled Chairman of Balawaristan National Front Abdul Hamid Khan and his brother Adovcate Shokoor Khan’s whole and sole hereditary and self acquired properties situated in Gilgit Baltistan ( UN declared disputed territory, administered by Pakistan) confiscated by Pakistani authorities and the same handed over to the Numberdars (village head men), on monday 25th september 2017.

Properties measured, assessed and evaluated by officials of tehsil adminstration under the headship of Assistant Commissioner. Properties were located in different places of Yasin tehsil, their possession took over by Numberdars.
The implementation process along with the order of Anti Terrorism Court of Gilgit Baltistan has beem circulated to public at large in whole area to warn people not to sell or purchase such seized assets.
It is noted that both brothers are political activists and demands freedom of Gilgit Baltistan while Pakistani agencies declares them as pro-indian and criminal cases have been lodged against them under Sedition and Terrorism charges , they are facing.

(Adovcate Shokoor Khan , Brother of BNF chief, Lawyer & political activist of Gilgit Baltistan)


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