Black Day demonstration against Tribal aggression in Kashmir.
London 10 October 2016

What people of Jammu and Kashmir suffer today on both sides of the divide, roots of that could be traced back to the naked Pakistani sponsored tribal aggression against State of Jammu and Kashmir which started on 22 October 1947.

If Pakistan had honoured its written agreement with the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, and had not attacked Jammu and Kashmir with intention of capturing it, we would have been independent State; hence all of our problems since that unprovoked aggression are due to that imperialist attack.

Kashmir National Party has booked a demonstration to be held outside the Pakistani High Commission in London on Sunday 23 October between 1pm – 3pm.

We invite all Kashmiris, Pakistanis, Indians and others who believe violence, hatred and extremism is not the way forward; and we must oppose those forces which promote extremism, terrorism and religious intolerance.

All those who believe in peace, freedom of expression, tolerance and equality should come and support us. We believe disputes must be resolved through a process of dialogue and not violence.

Come and support our cause, which, in fact, should be the cause of all freedom loving people who believe in the above ideals.

For further information:
Abbas Butt: 07949 812543
Dr Shabir Choudhry: 07790 942471


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