Supreme Appellate Court GB acquitted 09 of Sedition Charges

The Supreme Appellate Court GB acquitted 09 human rights activits, political workers and lawyers of Gilgit Baltistan of the charges of sedition, rejected the application of state against the verdict of chief court, declared them innocent and issued the orders to quashing of FIR on 07th October 2016. The accused persons were included Mr. Ahsan Ali Adovcate, Mr. Israruddin Israr Human Rights activist, Mr. Muhammad Farooq Human Rights activist, Mr. Aziz Ahmed politician, Mr. Safdar Ali leader of BNF, Mr, Javed  Leader of KNM, Mr. Kalamuddin politcal worker and Mr, Faizan Mir student leader. The FIR was registered against above mentioned activists on 18th Oct 2014 in police station Jutial Gilgit, while they had staged a protest for the release of Baba Jan and other politcal workers.

BNF STAND: We appreciate the Supreme Appellate verdict is this regard; Its unclear on what base of its quashing FIR. If it based on the constitutional base then we hope in will not be practiced in the future, because the citizens of  Gilgit Baltistan are not Pakistani citizens, therefore sedition charged cannot be applied on foreigners. As per Empower Package of 2009, the people of GB are citizens of Gilgit Baltistan. As per the constitution of Pakistan Gilgit Baltistan is out of its boundary. Supreme Court of Pakistan in its verdict in 1999 has also endorsed the disputed nature of GB, which does not fall under the Jurisdiction of Supreme Court of Pakistan. UNCIP resolutions had already declared disputed on 13 August 1948, 5 Jan 1949 and 28 April 1949 and many others. 1963 China Pakistan illegal agreement which ceded Shimshaal, Hunza of GB to China also accepted the disputed nature of this land. We hope that in the future sedition; terrorists and other  Black Pakistani laws will not be imposed till the fate of GB is settled along the J&K dispute as per UNCIP resolutions.

BNF also appeals the Human Rights organizations and world community to put pressure on the Army of Pakistan to order its ISI to release Sanaullah Khan an  student  who has been kidnapped from Rawalpindi on 4th Oct 2016; whose whereabouts is sill unknown. His only fault is; he is cousin of BNF Chairman Abdul Hamid Khan, who struggle for freedom from the occupation of Pakistan peacefully. Its also mentionable that another cousin and elder brother of Sanaulah has also been arrested by Pakistani occupation regime on the order of ISI. ISI has severely tortured him by its JIT and manipulated him as criminal by putting their own arms on the mountains.
Abdul Hamid Khan
Balawaristan National Front (BNF)
Head Office: Majini Mahla, Gilgit, Balawaristan (Pakistan & China Occupied Gilgit Baltistan)
Ph: 0032 22311750


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