Date: 21st  October 2016

His Excellency


Secretary General



Sub:- SOS from Pakistan Occupied Gilgit-Baltistan


It is my privilege to write to your honor on behalf of the 2 million indigenous people of Pakistan Occupied Gilgit-Baltistan (PoGB), a disputed part of Jammu & Kashmir.India claims that  PoGB is constitutional part of India as per the Maharaja of Jammu & Kashmir Hari Singh’s instrument of accession of 26th October 1947. The vacant seats in J&K Assembly and the resolution passed by Indian Parliament in 1994 also recognized that PoGB and Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (PoJK) are constitutional part of India. But there is no such legal instrument exists in favour of Pakistan. Constitution of Pakistan and Supreme Court of Pakistan do accept that PoGB is a disputed part of J&K. All this shows that the occupation of Pakistan is in violation of UNCIP resolutions. UNCIP resolution of 5th April 1949 gives the right to Gilgit-Baltistan and rest of J&K either to vote for India or Pakistan. UNCIP resolution of 28th April 1949 asks Pakistan for withdrawal of its own citizens (who are not citizens of Gilgit-Baltistan and Jammu & Kashmir) and all Pakistani forces and asks India to withdraw bulk of its forces from Pakistan Occupied Gilgit-Baltistan (PoGB) and its Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (PoJK) within a period of 3 months.  After the withdrawal of Pakistani forces, Local Authority should have been established in these parts under UN supervision. In spite of withdrawing its forces, Pakistan multiplied its forces, civilians and intelligent agency (ISI, MI and IB etc.) personnel thousand times and thus we, the indigenous people of this land, are under serious threat. Pakistan and China both want to eliminate the indigenous people of this land to implement their agenda of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor), which passes through Occupied Gilgit-Baltistan and enters in to Pakistani territory after crushing about 800 Miles of this UN disputed land without any legal justification. The people who oppose this destruction are being tortured by force and framed them in sedition and terrorist charges.


Pakistani occupation regime with the active support of China has snatched the properties, natural resources like water, mines of precious metals like gold and Uranium and many other metals of industrial use. Pakistani occupation regime has deprived the indigenous people of all the rights given to them by UNCIP and Universal Declarations of Human Rights.  People have no access to justice, no right to vote and their free movement, speech and access to their own bank accounts have been restricted by imposing new draconian law, which is called “SCHEDULE 4”. Every political movement is termed as terrorism and sedition and those who defy are arrested and tortured by many agencies including ISI and Police for indefinite period by putting them behind the bars.


Since the establishment of Balawaristan National Front (BNF) in 1992, hundreds of innocent people including me are facing sedition charges under section 124A, in spite of the fact that we are not citizens of Pakistan as per UNCIP resolutions and Pakistan’s own constitution of 1973.  For the last 2 years, Pakistan has started to impose terrorist laws against nationalists and even those who speak for their rights. Many people including Baba Jan, Iftikhar Hussain and Tahir Ali are undergoing life imprisonment under terrorist law, since they publicly raised voice against cruelties of occupation regime.


On 4th June 2015, more than 8 nationalist leaders and workers including Colonel (Retd.) Nadir Hassan and Safdar Ali, President of BNF were arrested and tortured by framing them as terrorists, when they tried to present a memorandum to the UN Military Observers stationed at Gilgit against CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) and fraudulent elections.


This year, the occupation regime of Pakistan introduced a new law called “Schedule 4”, on the directives of China to impose CPEC by force.  About 140 people from Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan (PoGB) have been put under this draconian law, which stipulates that these persons cannot move outside of his/her area without permission of Police Officer (SHO) and further he/she has to get prior permission from SP (Superintendent of Police) of the concerned district, if and when he/she has to leave the district.  Besides, he/she cannot go to school, hospital, railway Station, bus station and airport. The first victim of ‘Schedule 4’ is Qayoom Khan, a leader of Balawaristan National Front (BNF) who has been arrested on 26th August 2016 and tortured for moving out of his house to meet someone, without regimes knowledge. He is also facing death sentence or life imprisonment for allegedly receiving money from India in this false case. The office of BNF was raided in Thawoos, Yasen and Gahkuch district of Ghizer and literature and books were confiscated, which were not banned officially. Three students including Inayata Karim, Sajjad Karim and Sanaullah Khan have been arrested under terrorist law, for sending and receiving books and booklets.  Under this Pakistani occupation regime, reading and keeping books and also writing something, is considered as act of terrorism. Actual terrorists who kill innocent people are not treated as criminals, if it is committed with the patronage of ISI, to protect the interest of Pakistan and China.


BNF Leaders and Members including Qoowat Khan, President BNF Yasen Unit, Zahir, Vice President Yasen Unit, Sher Hafas, Member BNF, Mohammad Wali (Ex-Hawaldar), Member BNF, Hafas, Member BNF, Nawshad, Member and Imamdad have been arrested on 8th September, 2016 after public gathering in Yasen. But they were released with threat on their life, after many days of torture.  Police and intelligence agencies are also searching for more BNF workers to arrest them, to create panic among the people so that nobody would dare to ask for any rights till the occupation regime of Pakistan hand-over the control of Gilgit-Baltistan to China, on the pretext of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)


Majedullah Khan, a businessman, BNF worker and cousin of mine, who has been arrested and severely tortured by Joint Investigation Team (JIT) headed by ISI, and also recovered planted weapons from his possession so as to make false case against my party (BNF) and brand BNF activists as Indian agents.  Sanaullah Khan, a Student Wing worker of BNF who is also cousin of mine, was arrested by ISI and Police from Rawalpindi, Pakistan and charged false money laundering case to frame him as an agent of India.  Police of PoGB has registered sedition charges against 6 more people of BNF including Aafaq Ahmad, Sher Nadir, Daulat Jan (Chief Editor of Daily ‘Bang-e-Sahar’) and Shahid Hussain and myself, for writing and publishing books and booklets.


The Police and ISI team have established a cantonment like situation in my native village Bahrkohlti, Yasen, District Ghazer, Gilgit-Baltistan, where even ladies are facing severe humiliation in the hands of Police on the direction of ISI.  Qoowat Khan has been re-arrested, because he did not obey illegal orders and instructions after release and may be framed in a false case to languish him in Jail for very long time.


The main purpose of the Military Regime of Pakistan is to defame me, my party with the evil intention to establish false case of Indian involvement in its affairs, although PoGB (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit Baltistan) is not part of Pakistan and sedition charges cannot be applied on non-citizens.  The irony is that the Pakistani regime is applying terrorist laws against the nationalist political party, which struggles peacefully against the occupation of Pakistan and frame sedition charges against those who raise voice or write against Pakistani atrocities.


The Human Rights Organizations world-wide are either biased or tilted towards Pakistani regime as these bodies are irresponsive towards Gilgit Baltistan, which is the most deprived disputed region of the world, where human rights situation is deteriorating and are being continuously violated by Pakistani forces, their intelligence agency and Police under its control. Pakistani citizens and other foreigners who have been settled in violation of UNCIP resolution and pro-Pakistani religious and political parties are free to act on their will with the blessing of ISI, while indigenous people who oppose Pakistani occupation and atrocities are living under continuous threat worse than the prisoners in a Military Jail of an un-civilized country.


There is no free media in this part of the world. Daily Bang-e-Sahar (Urdu) and Weekly Baang (English) have been banned and its Chief Editor, Daulat Jan is facing harassment from ISI and Judiciary of PoGB, which is run by Pakistani nationals. Daulat Jan has been included in ‘Schedule-4’ and currently facing arrest in fake sedition and terrorist charges. This is the type of freedom of speech and expression that exists in Gilgit-Baltistan- the UN disputed part of Jammu & Kashmir, under joint occupation of Pakistan and China


The sole conspiracy is being hatched by the occupation regime of Pakistan to neutralize the Indian campaign against Pakistani involvement in terrorism. There is no impartial and fair justice system in this part of the world. Neither the people of this UN disputed area have any legal/constitutional High Court and Supreme Court, nor do we have the right to appeal in any Pakistani or Indian Court for justice.  It is therefore the UN’s obligation to provide justice and fair trial to the citizens of Gilgit-Baltistan in an impartial Court, which is outside the control and influence of Pakistani government, its Military and ISI.  Otherwise, the innocent people who do use their political and democratic right will be hanged by implicating them as Indian agents in false cases, so the international blames against Pakistani terrorism would be neutralized.


I want to appeal your honour, on behalf of 2 million indigenous people of Pakistan occupied Gilgit-Baltistan, to pass necessary orders by the UN body, to stop torture of BNF workers including Majeedullah, Qoowt Khan, Sanaullah, Inayat Karim and Sajjad Karim and withdraw false cases of sedition and terrorism against Qayom Khan, Tahir Ali, Iftikhar and Baba Jan, the peaceful activists, who demand their due right for freedom from the occupation of Pakistan based on UNCIP resolutions of 13th August 1948, 5th Jan 1949 and 28 April 1949.  I also appeal your Excellency to provide safety and security to those nationalists, who are being framed as terrorists and face death sentences or life imprisonment.


Abdul Hamid Khan


Balawaristan National Front (BNF)

Head Office: Majini Mahla, Gilgit, Balawaristan (Pakistan & China Occupied Gilgit Baltistan)



Ph: 0032 22311750


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