Dr Shabir Choudhry   9 July 2016

Salam brother, like you, I am also saddened on killing of some more young Kashmiri people who have lost their lives over a ‘struggle’ which was never ours. You were brave enough to ask some questions; however, I did not know how to react and express my sentiments.

I know what I am going to write will annoy many people. They will criticise me. They will level more allegations against me. Despite that I feel I have to write, and ask some questions from you and others who cry over plight of the Kashmiri people; and sadly want to continue with the same policy that has hurt us so much over the past decades.

1. Did you really think the world and the neighbouring country will shed blood tears over killing of Kashmiri young men in a struggle to make Kashmir part of Pakistan?

2. Is it not the case that blood in Kashmir and dead bodies suits their policy?

• Did you read Pakistani Lt General Shahid Aziz’s book: Ye Khamoshi Kab Tak, page 177, where he asks his seniors:

What policy is this that just to keep enemy engaged in Kashmir we will continue to shed Kashmiri blood? Is there an end to this Jihad? Do we have an end in mind or are we going to keep it at a certain level which keeps India engaged there?

3. They had an agenda and a plan in mind – how to use name of Kashmir to advance their interests; we on the other hand, had no plan or a strategy and result is before us. It is sad that many people of Jammu and Kashmir are still promoting that agenda for various reasons.

4. Sadly to many it is a business – a blood business – more dead bodies and destruction better it is for their business. These merchants of blood want to ensure that the Kashmir pot continue boiling at a certain level.

5. Let us acknowledge and analyse, even after 28 years of the militancy, that we were fooled in name of ‘azadi.

• Ask yourself what preparation did we make before borrowing some guns from the neighbouring country; which, sadly also occupies our land?

• What strategy was in place to care for the families of the dead, injured and orphans?

• Was there any organisation to care for the widows and their children?

• Even in militancy there are many sections and a complete system which needs to be established before you embark on this bloody path. Was there anything established? There are so many other questions related to this. 6. Were the political leaders taken in to confidence? Did anyone in Kashmir know what some young men were going to do with the borrowed gun?

7. Did they not think of consequences of using a borrowed gun? Did they not think that Indian army also has guns and they will kill and commit human rights abuses in which their brothers and sisters will suffer?

8. Were leadership of minorities taken in to confidence?

9. Or they were perceived as non Kashmiris and not trustworthy? How do we blame them for not joining the ‘struggle’? Question arises which struggle? Whose struggle?

10. Were our preparations sufficient to care for the ‘struggle’ and defeat a country like India? Or we were happy that a neighbouring country which has a deep rooted agenda and obsession to get Kashmir has given some guns, bullets, money and few days training.

11. Did pioneers of the militancy and their leadership thought once they killed few Indian soldiers or local policemen with the borrowed guns in Kashmir, India will pack their bags and leave Kashmir?

12. Was there any plan to liberate areas under Pakistan? Or the ‘struggle’ wanted only to liberate the Valley?

13. Death of young people is sad, but was that death for independence or to make Kashmir a ‘slave’; or put it mildly, make Kashmir a part of a neighbouring country?

14. When our ideological lines are not clear, our strategy is not clear, our vision is not clear; and we continue to wave flags of Pakistan, India and ISIS the world will continue to view this in the context of India and Pakistan conflict to get Kashmir.

15. Or they may think that some Kashmiri youths have also chosen the path of extremism – following path of Daaesh.

16. Ask yourself which country wants to be engaged in India Pakistan competition to get maximum area of JK?

17. We asked similar questions in mid 1990s. We said estimate is that around 30 thousand people have perished in the ‘struggle’, and there is no end in sight. All disputes are resolved on the negotiating table. It is up to us to start talks now or get 50 thousand people killed and then talk.

18. We were branded as anti Pakistan, anti Movement, anti Jihad and Indian agents. These allegations are still levelled against us, and now we hear that more than 80- 90 people have lost their lives.

19. Is it not time to show rationality and think why we are in a cul de sac? Why we are so helpless, bleeding and suffering with no light at the end of tunnel? There is no one to even wipe our tears. There is no shoulder to cry on.

20. If we are sincere with the people of Jammu and Kashmir State and want independence of the State, then we have to acknowledge our mistakes, formulate a new strategy for the liberation of the entire State. If we want to please everyone, and do politics in name of struggle then continue with the old policy of accusing each other, waving different flags to give confusing messages to the world community.

Writer is a political analyst, TV anchor and author of many books and booklets. Also he is Director Institute of Kashmir Affairs.Email:drshabirchoudhry@gmail.com


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