GILGIT: The dummy and so-called legislative assembly while before dying its natural death again tried to before the people by bringing a resolution for making Gilgit-Baltistan the fifth province of Pakistan. On the other hand, people of the region are surprised that when an assembly supposed to legislate on some municipal issues was not even aware of the status of the disputed territory who will teach them some lesson on history and international law. If they are so naive and ignorant the people are certainly not and they know that Gilgit-Baltistan cannot be made a province of Pakistan otherwise Islamabad could have made it long long ago. And secondly, during the last five years when teh dummy assembly remained an economic burden on the people its members never thought of the issue and at the last stage of its tenure they seem to become very active. The assembly itself has no legal and constitutional authority but it is going beyond its mandate and claiming to do what it cannot do except the UN through its resolution passed over six decades ago so the assembly members seen to think that they are more powerful than the UN? But leaders of the Balawaristan National Front (BNF) including Safdar Ali, Haji Raiq, Mehboob Ali, Wajid Ali said that the members of the dummy assembly were making noise about the fith province only to make their masters happy and get some more benefits in return. For the last five years they enjoyed the perks and facilities calling themselves lawmakers and now they want to come back to the house to continue enjoying the same facilities. The BNF leader said that the destiny of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan was not making the area a province of Pakistan but getting an independent status for the region as a state. However, they added, that for the last over six decades the elements that seemed to be more loyal than the king had remained an stumbling block in the way of materializing the dream of the people. They said that BNF was making efforts to create awareness among the masses and pave the way for the national cause of a separate state which will be a welfare state in real terms of the word.


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