Civil Society and youth of District Ghizer , Pakistan administered Gilgit Baltistan organized peaceful protest against implementation of Schedule-IV of Anti-Terrorism Act. The protesters hold play cards by mentioning “we don’t Accept Black Laws”, “we are not Terrorists”, “Justice for ATA Victims”, “End Colonial laws” and several other slogans. The protest Started from DC chowk Gahkuch and protesters walk towards DHQ hospital.

The protest ended in front of Ghizer Press Club Gahkuch. In-front of press club , youth and civil society leaders addressed the protesters. In their speech, the leaders said that State and government suppress the peace-full voices who struggle peacefully for basic human rights of their native people. Establishment threats and terrorize the peaceful students, teachers, lawyers,political activists and social activists by enforcing black, draconian laws, such as Schedule-IV of Anti-terrorism Act. They also said that the people of District Ghizer are peaceful but we will never accept the gruesome and brutal acts of the government. They also questioned that what are the crimes of youth like Tahir Ali Tahir, Yawar Ali, Nor Akbar Gohar, Shokoor khan Advocate , Sher Nadir Shahi, Gul Faraz, Nazrab khan, Manzor Parwana, Shabbir Mayar, Asif Naji Adovcate, Ejaz Balti, Shah Faraz and others whose name have been put in fresh watch list of Schedule-iv without commission of a crime while the real terrorists are participating elections.

The protesters demanded to Amnesty International, HRCP, UNHRC and other human rights organizations to force pakistan to end imposing Black laws and release political activists of Pakistan Administered Gilgit Baltistan.



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