Professor Yasub-Ud-Din Awami Action Committee

Awami Action Committee headed by Maolana Sultan Raes threaten to Pakistani imposed administration to expend its protest in to Pakistani cities if Taxes were not withdrawn. He reaffirmed that AAC is not affiliated with any political party, its non-political one.

گلگتعوامی ایکشن کمیٹی گلگت بلتستان کے رہنماء پروفیسر یاسف الدین گھڑی باغ میں عوامی اجتماع سے خطاب کررہے ہیں.#AAC_GB#GILGIT

Posted by Gilgit Baltistan MEDIA CELL on 2017 m. Lapkritis 13 d., Pirmadienis


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