Mehboob Ali, an advocate and D.J Mathal, a prominent journalist of Gilgit Baltistan have been charged under sedition sections of Pakistan Penal code and Anti Terrorism Act of 1997. Both are behind the bars since 2016 along-with other freedom seeker activists of the region. Their bail petitions have been turned down by Anti Terrorism Court, Chief Court and Supreme Appellate court of Gilgit Baltistan respectively.

What was the logic behind charging these non-citizens of Pakistan in criminal case under a Pakistani sedition law, declaring them as traitors.

Are these accused registered citizens, as permanent property holders in territorial jurisdiction of Pakistan where Pakistani laws are applicable under the umbrella of its constitution 1973?. The answer is no.

Rather both are citizens of Gilgit Baltistan being permanent settlers and domicile holders of district Ghizer, same vicinity, of course, situated in Gilgit Baltistan. Gilgit Baltistan is neither part of India nor Pakistan rather had been declared dispute by resolutions of United nations Commission for India and Pakistan (UNCIP). These resolutions agreed upon, accepted and signed by both countries as signatories. It is Pakistan’s stance before UNCIP resolutions that Gilgit baltistan is not its part rather a dispute region, it’s status yet to be determined by security Council of United nations. In fact, GB is beyond ambit and jurisdiction of Constitution of Pakistan 1973.

The members of Senate, provincial and national assembly, renown politicians, ex-presidents, prime minister’s, decisions of high courts and Supreme court of Pakistan unanimously at the agreement that Gilgit Baltistan is is not a part and had never been part of Pakistan.


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