BOONI: Four people lost their lives after the makeshift bridge linking Kosht and Bumbagh collapsed.

Reports identified the deceased as vehicles owner Fida Hussain, Vor Muhammad (driver), both residents of Zait, and former UC Kosht nazim Bulbul Khan.

It may be noted that the bridge was washed away in the 2015 flood cutting off links to the Mulkhow valley from the rest of the area. Later, the army built a makeshift bridge which developed cracks after its wooden plunks got damaged.

Fida Hussain, who had been given the contract to repair the bridge a few weeks ago, was supervising the reconstruction of the bridge by filling the gaps with crushed stones and soil. When the Mazda of Mr. Hussain loaded with soil and gravels reached the bridge, it could not bear the load and collapsed. As a result, the four people standing on the bridge fell into the river and were swept away.

The body of Fida Hussain was later recovered while search for the others was underway when this report was posted at about 8pm.

It may be noted that this is the third incident in which human lives were lost while crossing damaged bridges. A female student and her father died after falling from a dilapidated bridge in front of Saht village while three teenage girls fell to river from another damaged bridge in Reach valley of Torkhow within the last about a month.


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