Why Balawaristan National Front (BNF) wants boycott the coming elections for the so-called Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA)?


  1. Neither it’s an Assembly nor a legislative body as its true meaning.
  2. Assembly as it’s general meaning a gathering of some people, yes it is that  kind of Assembly, where 24 best stooges among the candidates are selected on the direction of the occupation regime and it’s intelligence agency. These puppets, who show their loyalty to the Pakistani authorities with the aim to prolong their occupation are not loyal to their Fatherland but for their masters. The aim and ambition of those whose aim in the name of elections is to get personal benefits by corruption with the full support of Pakistan occupation regime. These 24 selected members never pose any threat to Pakistani occupation in the past who never demanded for  real legislative powers in the interest of 2 million people of Gilgit Baltistan. These puppets will repeat the same practice to protect their personal interest in the future too, if and when get selected.
  3. In the 2009 so-called Elections, the nationalist parties of Gilgit Baltistan (GB) were not allowed to participate in the elections by arresting our candidates just a week before the elections. Many of our leaders and supporters were arrested and many were sent to Pakistan by force.
  4. Due to the trend of these puppet members, GBLA has not been given any powers of legislation, because it’s not a genuine Assembly which does not fall under any law/constitution

Neither GB has been included in the constitution of Pakistan nor it has its own constitution. It means the whole process of GBLA is unconstitutional and illegal.

  1. In the past GBLA had submitted many resolutions to the Ministry of Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan Affairs, but the said ministry did not bother even to answer of any resolution. This was not only insult to the so-called GBLA but the whole population of 2 million people.  Contrary to any constitutional Assembly, which is supposed to pass laws by legislation not resolutions, GBLA was renamed by Pakistani occupation regime to counter the European Parliament resolution of 2007 in this regard.
  2. Legislative Assembly or province is a legal / Constitutional term, which does not exist in this part. Neither GB  or GBLA has even been accepted in the constitution of Pakistan nor by the UN/UNSC. Gilgit Baltistan is neither a province of Pakistan nor a constitutional part by all legal means.
  3. So the terminology used to this UN disputed part as province or legislative Assembly is nothing but a fraud and legally a crime.
  4. As per UNCIP resolutions, accepted by both Pakistan and India, the legal status of Gilgit Baltistan just like rest of J&K is to be decided. Pakistan, China and India  have no right to change its legal and geographical status without taking the 2 million people in to confidence by a popular referendum/ plebiscite under UN supervision in a fair and impartial and fearless atmosphere.
  5. It’s a legal obligation of Pakistan under UNCIP  resolutions of 28th April 1949 to withdraw its citizens and forces from its occupied Gilgit Baltistan and J&K to pave the way for plebiscite.
  6. It’s also legal obligation of Pakistan to allow political activities and freedom of expression but government of Pakistan violates this rule of UN and impose its own political and religious parties to threat indigenous people with the backup of its terrorist organizations without allowing free and independent Judiciary, independent media and human rights organizations to monitor the misery of 2 million people. If any person dare to protest against the atrocities of Pakistani administration and its intelligence agencies, he has no future. For example innocent  protestors were killed in Chilas when they protested peacefully against the construction of Diamar Bhasha Dam on their land, the UN disputed territory without their consultation.

In the same manner another innocent protestors were killed in Hunza and the killer was awarded. After this killing many from the public who were protesting against the killing were declared as terrorists, tortured them severely by intelligence agencies  and sentenced dozen of them for life by the illegal and unconstitutional terrorist court in Gilgit. Its irony that terrorist court has been established to threat the political opponents, while the actual terrorists have never been tried. Terrorists are allowed to commit crime against the indigenous people with full impunity

  1. Pakistan has no right to establish its own political and religious parties in this disputed part. Contrary to this it encourage, promote and support by force  to  its own political and religious parties by discouraging nationalist political parties with full state power.
  2. There is no legal/ constitutional judicial system to protect people from human rights violations. Many accused are facing death sentences in Gilgit Baltistan  Jails without giving them access to  legal / constitutional High Court and Supreme Court.
  3. Indigenous people in administration, Police, education and Forces are not promoted for the top jobs and always put them under the control of Pakistani citizens. Indigenous people are insulted, degraded and never trusted in all the departments, Pakistanis are deputed even for lover post from Assistant Commissioner to Superintendent of Police by depriving the indigenous people who deserve best for all these jobs.
  4. The appointment of so-called administration (Chief Minister and Ministers) and Chief Election Commissioner and appointment a Pakistani national as governor to rig the elections for the so-called GBLA, clears the intention of government of Pakistan and its powerful Army to stage a drama of elections. One  leader who joined  PMLN to hide his corruption revealed the pre-election rigging intention of Nawaz Sharif, who has promised him for the post of speaker if he joins his party.
  5. Last month a caretaker minister exposed the involvement of ISI  and Pakistani Military stationed at Gilgit in the political affairs of Gilgit Baltistan and said “Frankly I have been appointed by ISI and FCNA”
  6. The so-called caretaker Chief Minister and caretaker ministers have repeatedly shown their inability and anger by saying that “They are not aware who makes decisions”
  7. BNF boycott the so-called elections, scheduled for 8th June 2015, because the whole election process from appointment of Chief Election Commissioner, powerless gathering of Ministers and their Chief Minister and specially the governor imposed by Pakistan from PMLN constituency of Punjab has cleared the drama of this election much before.
  8. BNF does not want to participate in this futile exercise of pre-pole rigged elections.
  9. Balawaristan National Front (BNF) protest against the conspiracy hatched by Zardari, the ex-president of Pakistan and Nawaz Sharif the sitting PM of Pakistan to handover the whole Gilgit Baltistan up to Kohistan to China by giving the title “Economic Corridor” to coverup the bankruptcy of Pakistan as well as to get their own share in this conspiracy.
  10. Neither Pakistan nor China or India have the right to change the boundary, geography or legal status of any part of J&K and Gilgit Baltistan. China has recognized the disputed nature of Gilgit Baltistan in the UN in 1963 at the occasion when Pakistan had illegally ceded 7000 Sq KM area of Shimshal, Hunza (Gilgit Baltistan) for the  construction of KKH (Karakorum Highway), which is also called as Silk Route. China being a permanent member of UNSC should not grab the smaller part of the world by violating UN resolution, rather it should also compel Pakistan to vacate GB as per UNCIP resolution instead of involving itself in the occupation process of Pakistan by the pretext of Economic Corridor.
  11. BNF want to boycott the fraudulent elections and appeal to other nationalist parties and people of Balawaristan (Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan) to support us against the pre-planned elections fraud for the better future of our next generation. BNF does not want to take part in such bogus experiments, unless a genuine elections/ referendum or plebiscite for an independent parliament and independent Judiciary is held under the supervision of UN according the UNCIP resolutions.




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