MANSEHRA: A jirga consisting of the representatives of Harban tribe of Kohistan and Thor tribe of Chilas have demarcated a disputed land ending the boundary issue between Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan.

The jirga members, 12 each from both sides, visited the eight kilometers disputed territory on the GB-KP border and demarcated the land.

Assadullah Qureshi led Harban tribe and Dilbar Jan Thor tribe in the exercise overseen by independent observers. The jirga decided that the land of the disputed Khambri Nullah Put, which would be acquired for 42 megawatts Diamer-Bhasha dam, would go to Harban tribe and that it would have the land compensation money, while the remaining high mountains and grazing land would go to Thor tribe.

It also announced that it would communicate its decisions to both KP and GB governments through the Kohistan and Chilas deputy commissioners so that land compensation money could be paid to tribesmen of Harban (Kohistan).

The jirga said there would a permanent ceasefire between the two tribes, while blood money for the 2014 killing of four people in exchange of bilateral fire had been pardoned.

It also decided both the tribes would cooperate with the KP and GB governments to maintain law and order on the Karakoram Highway saying this will help in the smooth execution of mega development projects in the region, including DiamerBhasha dam and ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor.

Local resident Attaullah Saz said though the jirga`s decisions had yet to be given the shape of a written agreement, both the parties had to abide by them in line with local culture and tradition.

`Whatever the jirga has decreed is final and can`t be changed,` he said.

Kohistan deputy commissioner Fazie Khalig praised both the tribes for settling the dispute amicably.

`We`d been closely monitoring the jirga proceedings, It is a big breakthrough that both the tribes have settled the dispute over the disputed territory in a highly sensible manner,` he said.

He said mega development projects in the region would be executed in a `hostile-free` environment.


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