From Newspapers  20 July 2016

1.      Preparation for black day rally against the Indian side of Kashmir is being held in Gilgit by PMLN under the patronage of ISI. They rally will march from High School No.1 Gilgit to Kashorot Chowk (this is the area where Kashmiri settlers houses are situated)

BNF STAND: The people of Kashmir enjoy all kind of rights including right of vote, access to Justice and have full ownership and control of their land and resources. Those Kashmiris including APHC who openly oppose India are being protected by Indian forces. Those who raise Pakistani flags are not facing and terrorist and sedition charges unlike the people of PoPOGB (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit Baltistan). The people of POGB are being killed and faced sedition charges and terrorist charges when they demand for rights under Pakistani occupation.

2.      PM of Pakistan and POGB Council Chairman has issued order to return 80% tax money collected from Gilgit Baltistan (illegally) by violating UNCIP, international law and even Pakistani constitution.

3.      So-called Chief Minister of an illegal and unconstitutional area (Gilgit Baltistan) has announced that they are making arrangements to bar double Tax from POGB.

BNF STAND: See what is happening in POGB “YAK NAH SHOOD DOO SHOOD” Pakistanis not only taking money from POGB  once but many times for the same. This is like multiple robbery in one place.

4.      A Kashmiri APHC leader Saleem Haroon his clothes in the protest against Pakistani government behavior in Islamabad during Kashmir conference. His blamed,  that Pakistani politician are only politicizing Kashmir and they are not serious in solving the issue of the people of Kashmir. He said that the stomach of the Kashmiris cannot be filled just by talking. It means that Pakistanis are only providing weapons and ammunition and money to the terrorists who are being sent to Indian side of Kashmiri.

BNF STAND: It clearly indicates that the government of Pakistan only using Kashmiri people to snatch their land and its not interested to help the people. Kashmiris should be aware the misery of the people of POGB under Pakistani occupation and then put their demands.

Lashkare Toiba and Jaishe Mohammad camps and leaders are Pakistanis and mostly Punjabis who live in Pakistan and use JK territory against Indian side of J&K and Pakistani claim that Kashmniri struggle is indigenous. Once Salahud Din had showed his willing to return home then he was surrounded by ISI and strip him and Pakistanis increased their own strength by sending Lashkar and Jaishe terrorists.

5.      China will consider the alternate route for CPEC via Shigar, Astore and Muzafarabad. Chinse delegation headed by ex government of Sinking visit to Shigar Baltistan, where Deputy Commissioner Fahad Mumtaz a Pakistni national delivered his speech to the Chinese and asked them to invest in Mines, Gems and other projects. He said the Gems and mines of Shigar  are famous in the world. He said that the alternate rout for CPEC can be built through Shigar  which will decrease the distance of 355 KM and more safe than the other one (KKH). Zan Zamin  was told that the links between Shigar and China was closed in 1832 after the arrival of Dogra to this region. Mushtaq pass tunnel can be built to link China with Shigar and then Astore and Muzaffarabad.

BNF STAND: This CPEC conspiracy is not to engulf Gilgit Baltistan, but it will also annex the whole Pakistan in to China in near future, if and when Chinse expansionism regarding its ambition to take all its neighboring land and sea. BNF strongly oppose CPEC and all kind of occupation process by Pakistan and China.

Sinkiang was part of Brooshoo people much before Ugour and Han arrival, will Chiana accept that Sinkiang belong to Gilgit Baltistan, because Brooshoo ruled over this area in the history?

6.      Secretary of home of POGB has said that the judicial powers have been delegated to Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners to deal with the land and othe criminal cases, because of the strike of Lawyers against the Pakistani imposed Chief Judge Rana Shamim (a Pakistani national).   Lawyers demand independent Judiciary, which presently run under the orders of Ministry of POGB and Kashmir Affairs.

BNF NOTE: We stand with the lawyers. This so-called Judge had interfered in other matters by issueing su moto orders, which he is not entitle under the 2009 Package. This court and all other courts in POGB are not protected under law, because laws can be legitimately made by the representatives of the people, who are freely elected in  fair and impartial elections. POGB is disputed area, nobody from Pakistan has any right to issue any order about POGB matter. The people of this region have no right to vote to elect their representative to make laws for them and there is no Independent Judiciary like High Court and Supreme Court. The land and resources of the people of  this disputed land has also been snatched without any legal justification by both Pakistan and China.

Its strange that Pakistani representative in the  UN and Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif both are giving UNCIP  reference by misguiding the UN which itself had passed resolution on 28th April 1949 and asked Pakistan to withdraw  civilians and all its Forces from its occupied J&K and Gilgit Baltistan. There should be Local Authority in GB. Indian has been told to withdraw bulk of its forces from J&K. The  only thing Pakistanis can do is to withdraw their civilians and forces from POGB and PHJK (Pakistan held Jammu & Kashmir) under UNCIP resolutions of 28th April 1949 to pave the way for plebiscite in the POGB (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit Baltistan) as well as in the whole J&K.


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