CPEC and Schedule 4 First Victims in Gilgit Baltistan

The following guidelines issued by the occupation regime of Pakistan against 140 political and religious people. It is apparently to control terrorism, and so called law and order situation under the anti-terrorism act of 1997, by putting them under Schedule 4 in April 2016, in this UN disputed part of Pakistan Occupied Gilgit Baltistan(PoGB). This draconian law has been imposed on the          2 million people, who are Citizens of Gilgit Baltistanand not citizens of Pakistan as per ‘UNCIP Resolutions-2009 Empowerment order of Pakistan’. The disputed nature of Gilgit Baltistanhas also been recognized by Supreme Court of Pakistan and Lahore High Court.

The directives issued by the occupation regime of Pakistan, under Schedule 4, against those who commit no crime, are bound to present their oath certificates to their respective district Police officers (SPs) by narrating that:

1.“They will correct their behavior and will not involve in terrorism” (No one has been charged for terrorism nor there is any criminal record against them. Their main crime is not to participate in terrorism by following ISI dictation against their fellow human being)

2. “They would not propagate any terrorism or  sectarianism or get involved with any such organization or group”(Sectarian parties and pro-ISI terrorist groups are free to propagate. See Osama Bin Ladan was living as a free man in Abbottabad, Hafiz Saeed and his terrorist group are free in spite of UN sanctions, Talibaan Shora including late Molla Omar were and are living in Quetta and other part of Pakistan as free people. Those wearing Pakistan Army uniforms who killed dozens of passengers on KKH   (video proof available) but are roaming freely. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Jaish-e-Mohammad(JeM) and other terrorist groups who kill innocent people incessantly for their sectarian differences are virtually free)

Thousands of people were killed by Pakistan Army sponsored attack using terrorists(the then Mujahideen, now Taliban, Al-Qaida etc.) in 1988, one hundred women were kidnapped and those who were displaced from their ancestral homes are still unable to go back.  Nobody was punished for that genocide.

Pakistan Army headed by General Musharraf sent NLI troops to Kargil Heights and gave the credit of bravery to so-called Mujahideen but was latter exposed when hundreds of NLI dead bodies arrived in Gilgit-Baltistan.  As per PML(N) report, about 3000 NLI soldiers were killed, 1000 became disabled.  More than 200 dead bodies were refused by General Musharraf to be brought back home and the so-called custodian Army and Indian Army buried the dead bodies of NLI soldiers, at Kargil heights as per  religious custom temporarily. After that display of bravery by NLI, Pakistan Army feared and transferred them to hot spots in Pakistan. Instead of awarding, exploited them again in Swat and Waziristan.

ISI sponsored terrorists killed a religious leader Agha Zia ud Din  in Gilgit and later one ‘ISI made’  killer  fled from Gilgit Jail. In Gujranwala cantonment of Pakistan, during Eid festival, more than 15 Shia soldiers (from Gilgit-Baltistan) were sentenced to Jail, by Lt. Colonel Fateh Mohammad, Commanding Officer of 14 NLI, because of their prayers (Shia prayers do not match with the Pakistan Army’s prayers).

Saifur Rehman, an elected member of the so-called NALA from Gilgit City was killed by ISI agent, when he tried to create bridge between Shia and Sunni, for  re-establishing peace and brotherhood, which existed  before 1971 Gilgit Jail breaking incident.

The following were killed by Pakistani forces in Chilas, when they protested against the forceful occupation of their land for the construction of Diamer- Bhasha Dam:

1. Fara Malook, s/o Mehran Shah, Chilas district Diamer

2. Sabir Rahem, Chilas, district Diamer

The following were injured

1. Jhan Sher, Chilas, district Diamer

2. Naseeb Khan, Chilas, district Diamer

3. Muhammmad Ghafar, Thak, Chilas, district Diamer

4. Fidaullah, Chilas, district Diamer.

3.  “If anybody in Schedule 4 denies to present his oath certificate to the concerned district Police head, he will be arrested immediately and put behind bars for 1 year without giving him/her any chance to appeal in any legal or constitutional court”.

It is irony that there is no constitutional or legal Judicial system exist in this UN declared disputed part of Jammu & Kashmir. Because Gilgit Baltistandoes not fall under the ambit of Pakistan Judicial System, no one in Schedule4 and other 2 million people of Gilgit Baltistan has the right to appeal in any Pakistani High Court or Supreme Court,.There is no free Judiciary in Pakistan itself. There is no High Court or Supreme Court in PoGB where writ could be filed against any decision made by the administrative Courts imposed by the occupying regime of Pakistan.

4  “The person will remain behind bars until and unless he gives his oath to follow ISI guidelines”.

5.  “Schedule 4 people are bound to take permission in case they  leave their village or particular area and he/she will provide all the places where he/she wants to go and names all the people to whom he/she wants to meet”

6.  “Police have the powers to restrict him/her to go or to meet any one”

7. “Schedule 4 people are not allowed to go to any educational institution where the age of students is less than 21 years”.

(It means as per the schedule 4 people are not allowed to admit their children in any educational institutional, because the age of students in almost all the educational institutions are below 21 years. Schedule 4 people’s children cannot get admission in any institution, nor schedule 4 people have the right to meet their children, if they were in the institution before schedule 4 was imposed. Neither parents can drop or pick their children in the school.   It is not  known  where such a law exist in the rest of the world except Pakistan.)

8.  Schedule 4 people are not allowed to enter into theatres, Cinema halls, Parks, Gardens, Hotels, Restaurants or any other public places i,e, Airports, Railway Stations, Bus Stands, Radio Stations, TV Stations, Telephone Exchange and not allowed to go near any government institutions

(It means he/she cannot go anywhere including hospital for treatment, because Hospitals are also government institutions. Further, he/she is not allowed to take food from any restaurant and he/she cannot go to any telephone exchange in case of emergency)

9. “Police and other organizations(it means the ISI) will continuously follow them. Government can arrest them any time and put them in Jail for a year”.

10. “Police have the power to check the accounts of wife, children and  parents and also source of income of Schedule 4 people”.

11.”A person of Schedule 4 and his/her family is compelled to die without any job, business, treatment or food

NOTE: After the deployment of  2 Division forces to protect CPEC, imagine what kind of security Pakistan Army presently headed by General Raheel Sharif will give to the people of PoGB  when 50 kanal land has been given by a Pakistani national (Chief Secretary, the so-called GBLA has no role in this allotment) for ISI and Chinese intelligence to torture PoGB people who oppose China  Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) and cry for  atrocities meted out to them. Besides, General Raheel got allotted 2500 Kanal land for Pakistan Army and PLA in this disputed part while Indian Army and its citizens cannot allot land under their control in J&K, because they honour State Subject Rule.

General Sharif  had arrived Gilgit on 31st August 2016 along with General Zafar Iqbal, 10 Corps Commander to ensure their share from shining 42 billion dollars in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Raheel, while addressing a political Seminar organized by PML(N) on the directions of FCNA  and supported by ISI, said to the youths of Gilgit  that “Pakistan Army is your Army”. He also adviced the youth to forget their past and think of their future”. Waawww!!! General Sharif

If you are so sincere, then why you haven’t resign and promote any Person from occupied Gilgit Baltistan(like Corps commander Peshawar) to replace you and promote other officers from GB as Generals. Your army used our youths(NLI) in Kargil in 1999, you used our youths(NLI) in Swat and Waziristan and spared Punjabi youths(Punjabi Army) and you want to make us fool again now.  You(Raheel) claimed that Nadir and Shigri are your best friends,  do you remember that on 4th June 2015 your ISI tortured your best friend Col.Nadir, who along with other political leaders wanted to present their memorandum to UN Observers in Gilgit against your country Pakistan’s fraudulent elections, illegal occupation and in-human treatment to the 2 million indigenous people of its occupied Gilgit-Baltistan. Your ISI tortured your best friend Nadir in its torture cells and got signed from him and you are unaware?  Either you are so ignorant yourself that you don’t remember your orders to torture Nadir, to teach him a lesson or want to fool the people of Occupied  Gilgit Baltistanby claiming that you know the people and you have good friends. If you can torture your best friend, who will trust you? Nawaz Sharif appointed you as Army Chief and you brought him down by using your ISI stooge Imran Khan and you used terrorists to dis-credit him before the world like what General Zia did to Z.A.Bhutto who had appointed him without merit. You General Raheel thinks that the youth of PoGB (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit-Baltistan) are so ignorant and should forget their past on your advice. You Punjabis can forget your past, because you have the history of treachery and betrayal in the past by welcoming aggressors from Afghanistan, Arab and other countries and let them occupy your motherland and you and your fellow citizens have no history that is why you use the name of Ghaznavi, Mohammad Bin Qasim and other foreign aggressors. Now you are following your ancestors and allowing China to occupy Gilgit- Baltistan to amass dollars in huge numbers for your future generations  in Europe or USA, accordingly as your seniors in the past.

Your ISI is imitating the notorious SAWAK of Iran during Shah Pehlvi, has spread its agents throughout Balawaristan (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit-Baltistan) with the help and money from China, Saudi Arabia, USA and other countries. You were getting dollars from USA to support terrorism against USSR and now you are getting money  from China to sell Gilgit Baltistanand beyond up to Balochistan. Before torturing people of PoGB by ISI to forcibly implement ‘Sale Deed’ you should have reminded the past of SAWAK. Your Army has occupied Gilgit-Baltistan, its resources like water and minerals, individual properties and houses by force and advice our youth to forget this.

On the same day, another General “10 Corps Commander participating in a Political Seminar, had said that Gilgit Baltistan had been affected by sectarianism but now there is peace”. It gives clear indication and confession that Pakistan Army which had created sectarianism in PoGB to divide and rule using ISI is now interested  to create sectarian harmony to get their lion  share  out of 42 billion dollars.  People of PoGB also want peace and sectarian harmony, but not at the cost of their homeland, which has been occupied by Pakistan previously is now hatching conspiracy to handover it to China. To change the friends and ideology is a nature of Pakistani Punjabis by using the name of Islam and nationhood. USA was the friend in the past and now China, who knows who will be the next friend or foe of Punjabistan.

The world should realize that Pakistan is only Punjabistan and the people of Baloch, Sindh and even Pathans have less say in its affairs.  In the late sixties, NWFP now Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa, Chitral, Deer and Swat have also been occupied by force or treacherously by Punjabi Army. Balochistan has been occupied in 1948 by force and Sindh has expressed its remorse immediately after it became part of Punjabistan, which has been narrated by late G.M. Sayed who had played his role in the separation of Sindh from India along with Bengalis. 8 Tribal Agencies  are also trying to get rid of from Pakistan.

Pakistan Occupied Gilgit-Baltistan(PoGB) is not part of Pakistan by all means. The history, culture, nature and legal situation is totally different from that of Pakistan.  The frustration of the indigenous people of PoGB is sky high and the youth are well aware of their past and know their future. Now the people of PoGB are so compelled that nothing remains in their hand. Everything from water to mountain, culture, freedom of speech and movement has been controlled by General Raheel Army and its ISI. The Pakistani citizens who are deputed on the high and beneficial posts mainly after 2009 Zardari package, always treat the indigenous employees as inferior.  For example, Pakistanis deputed one of their citizen of a very low rank (name Haq Nawaz a retired Hawaldar of Military account) to a high beneficial post of Judge (though Judiciary is un-constitutional) by violating the rights of deserved indigenous lawyers besides hundreds of such discriminatory acts, which has never been practiced in PoK and Indian side of J&K.  The treatment of Pakistan to the people of PoGB is worst than prisoners of any Jail. Schedule 4 details gives a glimpse of China  Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project’s evil design and future course with the youth of PoGB (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit-Baltistan) what has been suggested by General Raheel.

The first victim of CPEC is Maulana Sultan Raees, Chairman of Awami Action Committee (a representative body of the people of PoGB, including all nationalists, religious and political parties, and a social activist) and Fida Hussain, its Co-ordinator. Sultan was heading public rallies for the rights of the people of PoGB (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit-Baltistan) including the rights of share in CPEC, right of ownership of their ancestral land, to stop snatching of people’s land, end of taxes (as per international law no representation and no taxation), no use of mines and other resources without permission of the land owners (as per UN resolutions and State Subject Rule) and other grave issues which the people of PoGB are facing in the hands of occupation regime.  He and his colleague have been arrested on 29th August 2016 and charged under sedition and terrorist act. This is the part of the world, where peaceful political activities are considered as terrorism and terrorists are free to commit acts.

The first victim of Schedule 4,(a draconian law taken from Chinese communist party)is Qayoom Khan, a leader of Balawaristan National Front (BNF) who has been arrested on 26th August 2016, and tortured for moving out of his house or to meet someone, without regimes knowledge. The office of BNF was raided in Thawoos, Yasen and confiscated literature and books written by its Chairman. To keep guns and to show guns under the patronage of ISI is allowed but to keep books and political literature is punishable in the areas under Pakistan’s occupation.

Schedule 4 has been imposed on the following people of PoGB (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit Baltistan) who did not follow Pakistani occupation regime and its ISI guide lines as listed below:

1.      Faizul Haq  s/o (Javed Iqbal, Mahla Kashrot, Gilgit

2.      Taimoor Iqbal  s/o Javed Iqbal, Napoora Basin, Gilgit

3.      Arsalan Khan s/o Sher Afzal, Domyal, Gilgit

4.      Junaid Ahmed/ Sulaiman s/o Nasim Khan, Yadgar Chowk,


5.      Shakil Ahmed s/o Abdul Hameed Skarkooi, Gilgit

6.      Mehtab Ahmed / Joonoon s/o MohammadIlyas, Skarkoi,


7.      IftikharUd Dion / Aafaq s/o Qoowat Jan, Skarkooi, Gilgit

8.       Sham Ullah / Umar s/o Hormat Khan, Napoora Basin,


9.      Mootahir s/o Amin, Skarkooi, Gilgit

10.     Shehzad s/o Baba Jna, YadgarMahla, Gilgit

11.     Mujeeb Ur Reman s/o Habib Ur Rehman, Skarkooi, Gilgit

12.     Sadam Ahmed s/o Gulbaz, MahlaKashorot, Gilgit

13.  Mirbaz s/o Merza Khan, YadgarMahla, Gilgit

14.  Owais Ahmed s/o Aarif, MahlaKashorot, Gilgit

15.  Hameed Ur Rehman s/o HaiderWali, Basin, Gilgit

16.  Mohammad Nawaz s/o Mohammad Sharif, Basin, Gilgit

17.  MaulanaFaraz Ahmed s/o Wolayat Khan, Basin, Gilgit

18.  MaulanaTanvir Ahmed s/o Juasher, Basin, Gilgit

19.  Juma Din s/o Darvesh,  YadgarMahla, Gilgit

20.  Umar s/o Liqat Ali Khan, Mahla Kashorot, Gilgit

21.  Zia s/o Sana Ullah, Skarkooi, Gilgit

22.  Zainul Abidin s/o Abdul Matin, Mahla, Kashorot, Gilgit

23.  Javed s/o Noor Kashorot, Mhala, Gilgit

24.  Waqar Ahmed s/o Niyat Khan, Skarkooi, Gilgit

25.  Irfan s/o Nasir Ud Din, Skarkooi, Gilgit

26.  HimayatUllh s/o Abdul Majeed, Basin, Gilgit

27.  NawabAlam s/o Mohammad Hussain, Basin, Gilgit

28.  MaulanaMaqbool Mir s/o Mohammad Ayaz, Skarkooi, Gilgit

29.  QariIkramUllah s/o AmanUllah, Sonikot, Gilgit

30.  Abdullah Haideri s/o Akbar Hussain, Monor, Gilgit

31.  Zeshan / Qari s/o  Sher Afgan, MahlaYadgar, Gilgit

32.  IkramUllah s/o Mohammad Qasim, Napoora, Gilgit

33.  Qari Asif s/o Sayed Khan, MahlaYadgar, Gilgit

34.  Burhan Ullah s/o Qadeer Hussain, MhalaKashorot, Gilgit

35.  Nadir Aman s/o Akbar Aman, Napoora Basin, Gilgit

36.  Farooq s/o Abdul Jabbar, Basin, Gilgit

37.  Karim Shah s/o Sangar Shah/Langar Shah, Vilage Sherqilah,

Poonyal, Ghizer

38.  IkramUllah so/ Niaz Mohammad, Basin, Gilgit

39.  Rahim Ullah so/ Wasil Khan, MahlaYadgar, Gilgit

40.  Waqas Ahmed s/o Dilawar Khan, Skarkooi, Gilgit

41.  Hayat Nazir s/o Mohammad Nazir, YagarMhala, Gilgit

42.  Imran Ullah s/o Zeedullah, YadgarMahla, Gilgit

43.  MahfoozUllah s/o Mahboob, MhalaKashorot, Gilgit

44.  Sham Ur Rehman s/o Abdul Aziz, YadgarMahla, Gilgit

45.  Johar Usman s/o Mootabar Shah, Monor, Gilgit

46.  MaulanaAttUllahSaqib s/o Abdullh, Skarkooi, Gilgit

47.  QariAmjad s/o Mohammad Saghir Khan, Sai Joglot,

Damot Kot, Gilgit

48.  Maulana Rasheed Ullah  s/o Sher Wali, Bonj, district Astor

49.  Sadqat s/o Hussain, Minor, Gilgit

50.  Salman s/o Abdul Hanan, MahlaKashorot, Gilgit

51.  Zubeer s/o Hussain, Basin, Gilgit

52.  Waqar Hussain / Wahabi s/o  SherbazAmphari, Gilgit

53.  Sheikh Niyyar Abbas s/o Mohammad Ismail, Jalalabad, Gilgit

54.  Imran Amir s/o  Haider Ali, MahlaNagaral, Gilgit

55.  Riazat / Hussain s/o Hussain, MhalaNagaral, Gilgit

56.  Hussain Wali s/o Wali Mohammad, MahlaAmphari, Gilgit

57.  Sayed Afzal / Shaji Afzal s/o Hussain Akbar , MahlaNagral,


58.  Naseer Shah s/o Shireen, MahlaKhomar, Gilgit

59.  Sayed ShabbirRezvi s/o Murtuza Shah, MajiniMhala, Gilgit

60.  AmjadHussain . Sofi s/o Shukoor, Barmas, Gilgit

61.  Mohammad Amin s/o Abdul Malik, Old Pologround, Gilgit

62.  Farman  Machali s/o Khushlim, Amphari, Gilgit

63.  Zahoor s/o Yousuf, Nagral, Gilgit

64.  Zuheeb s/o Niyat Khan, Nagral, Gilgit

65.  Suhail Reza  Sarkat s/o Nasir Hussain, Nagral, Gilgit

66.  Ekhlaq  Aqil s/o Muhammad Hussain, Barmas, Gilgit

67.  Muntazir Abbas s/o  Ghulam Haider, Domiyal, Gilgit

68.  Suhail Kamal s/o Mastar Kamal, MajiniMahla, Gilgit

69.  Ali Ahmad Jan s/o Ahmad Khan, Chakarkot, Gilgit

70.  Sayed Irfan Kazmi s/o Sayed Ibrahim, QazalbashMahla, Gilgit

71.  Dasatoq Mehdi s/o Sharfatud Din Dakpoora, Gilgit

72.  Suhail Reza s/o Mohammad Hussain Reza, Dakpoora, Gilgit

73.  Tanzil Hussain s/o Sharafatud Din, Dakpoora, Gilgit

74.  Athar Abbas s/o Sayed, Meherbanpoora, Gilgit

75.  Sheikh Merza Ali s/o Mohsin Ali Danyor, Gilgit

76.  Sheikh Behram s/o Mohammad Shafa, Barmas, Gilgit

77.  Ibrahim Haider s/o Ghulam Haider, Amphari, Gilgit

78.  Barkat Ali s/o Gulab, MajiniMhala, Gilgit

79.  Tariq s/o Mohammad Sharif, Barmas, Gilgit

80.  Suhail Kamal s/o Mohammad Kamal, MajiniMahla, Gilgit

81.  Aqil Ahmad s/o Mohammad Hussain, Barmas, Gilgit

82.  Mohammad Alam s/o Sahib Khan, Mugholpoora, Gilgit

83.  Naveed Aalam / Jani s/o Abdullah, Amphari, Gilgit

84.  Wajid Ali s/o Gholam Ali, Napoora Basin, Gilgit

85.  Alamdar s/o Aliyar, Sakwar, Gilgit

86.  Azhar Hussain, s/o Zafar, Nagral, Gilgit

87.  Sheikh Bilal, Somairi, Nagar

88.   Sheikh Ahmad Jan s/o Ibrahim, Domiyal, Gilgit

89.  Haji Jaafar s/o Saidq Ali, Domyal, Gilgit

90.  Ghulam Abbad s/o Behram, Napoora, Gilgit

91.  Qasim Hussain s/o Sherdil, Napoora Basin, Gilgit

92.  Mazhar Abbas s/o Sheikh Niyyar Abbas, Nomel, Gilgit

93.  Itrat Hussain s/o Ismail Danyor, Gilgit

94.  Jamal Haider s/o Ayub, Domial, Gilgit

95.  Alyas Sadiqi s/o Mohammad Reza, SajadiyaMahla, Gilgit

96.  Murad Ali Khurram s/o Murad, SajadiyaMahla, Gilgit

97.  Murtuza Ali s/o Fida Ali, Amphari, Gilgit

98.  Sheikh Yasin s/o Bakhtawar, Danyor, Gilgit

99.  Sheikh Sajjad s/o Karim Khan, Khomar, Gilgit

100. Waqas s/o Sherbaz, Dakpoora, Gilgit

101. Imran Alias Chairman s/o GholamHaiderAmphari, Gilgit

102. Rezaq Hussain s/o Aman Ali SajadiyaMahla, Gilgit

103. Imdad Ali Jaafari s/o Ramzan Ali, KhazanaRaod, Gilgit

104. Sheikh MussaKarimi s/o Mohammad Ibrahim, Ganish, Hunza

105. Sadiq Ali s/o Ali Mohammad, Ganish Kalan, Hunza

106. Zafar Abbas s/o Sulaiman, Ganish, Kalan, Hunza

107. Tehzeeb s/o Nazir Hussain, Ganish Kalan, Hunza

108. Sheikh Mohammad Ali s/o Ali Haider, Asqordaas, Nagir

109. Shabbir Hakim s/o Amir Ali, Nagir

110. Advocate Mumtaz Hussain Nagri s/o Faqir Shah,

Budalas, Nagir

111. Sadam s/o Amir Khan, TholGiyes, District Ghazer

112. Tahir Ali s/o Ali Jan (rights activist in Jail), Booboor, Tehsil Punyal, District Ghazer

113. Maqsood s/o Barkat Shah, GahkuchBaala, Tehsil Punyal, District Ghazer

114. Yaqoob s/o Saltanat, GahkuchBaala, Tehsil Punyal, District Ghazer

115.Salah-ud-Din s/o Mohammad Din, GahkuchBaala, Tehsil Punyal, District Ghazer

116. Qayoom Khan (s/o Jano, Leader BNF), Village Bahrkohlti, Tehsil, Yasen, Ghazer

117. Daulat Jan s/o Bahadoor Ali (Chief Editor Daily Bangesahar), Village, Thawoos, Yasen

118. Ghulam Mophammad s/o Abdullah, Khapolo, Baltistan (Resides in Shigar)

119. Sayed Nawaz Hussain s/o Syed Hussain, Golapoor, Shigar, Baltistan

120. Ali Mohammad Hadi s/o HadiTeachger, Golapoor, Shigar, Baltistan

121. Mohammad Alyas Butt s/o Hassan Butt, Jinnah Town Skardu, Baltistan

122. Abdullah s/o Sher Ali, Sarmak (resided Skardu), Baltistan

123. Sufi Ali s/o Abdul Karim, Khapolo (resided Shigar), Baltistan

124.Sheikh Fida Hussain Abidi s/o Ghulam Mohammad Barq, Chhan, Shigar, Baltistan

125. Nasrullah s/o Hassan, ChhorgahShigar, Baltistan

126. Zahir Mir s/o Nisar Ali, Wazirpur, Shigar, Baltistan

127. Mufti Mohammad Ali s/o Abdul Ghafoor, Chhorbat, Ghanchhee, Baltistan

128. IftikharUd-Din s/o Qoowat Jan, Skarkooi, Gilgit

129. MehtabAhmned s/o Mohammad Alyas, Skarkooi, Gilgit

130. InayatUllah s/o Alamgir, Napoora, Gilgit

131.  Shamsullah s/o Hoormat Khan, Napoora, Gilgit

132.  Shooeb s/o Ibadat, Napoora, Gilgit

133. Mufti Mohamad Ayub s/o Mohammad Sharif, Pols, Astore

134. Moulvi Abdul Wakil s/o Amir Shah, Dodooshaal, Diamar

135. Moulvi Abdul Majeed Shah s/o Dilawar Shah, Babusar, Thak (Resides Harpodaas, Chilas), Diamar

136. Moulvi Bakhsh Sher s/o Abdul Wahab, Khan Thak, Diamar

137. Moulvi Farman Ullah s/o Gul, Chhalt, Darel, Diamar

138. Moulvi MobeenUl-Haq s/o Umar Khan, Tangir, Diamar

139 and 140 Names are missing


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