Date: 10th Nov. 2016

His Excellency

Mr. Donald Trump


United States of America


I have the honor to congratulate you, the force for winning against terror masters and their supporters. Despite your unusual and bold stand against US establishment and match fixing media, people vote for you. This is clear indication and warning that people really want change not mere elections slogans for change which was past practice of Obama. Perhaps that slogan did not materialized, because of powerful lobby has been actively using US system to impose their own war-mongering agenda, which promotes anti-democratic and pro-religious fanatic ideology throughout the world.

It has been clear during recent elections that the terrorist’s masters in foreign countries like Saudi Arab as well as their sympathizers and beneficiaries played their role to support your opposition. That was not their love with US democracy but to keep continue their agenda of spreading more and more terrorism in the region and beyond. All these foreign Wahhabi/Salafi terrorists and their masters were emboldening because of the Obama administration pro-Wahhabi/Salafi stand. This double standard and unnecessary regime change policy encouraged fanatics and discouraged moderate and secular forces and brought failure and humiliation to the US military and caused economic harm in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

US Military invasion in Afghanistan failed Militarily and could not get public support. Whatever funds and support provided to Pakistan, it benefited Taliban, because of Saudi Arab influenced Pakistan Army to spread Wahabism and fight NATO.

US Military invaded Iraq with false claim of WMD, but it did not discourage its Saudi Arab, which continued its financial and weapons support to Al-Qaida and ISIS, as a result US militarily failed and even could not get public support either.

US and NATO invaded Libya but it failed to get support of anti-Qadafi forces and get killed its ambassador in the hands of those whom it had provided weapon and money.

Due to failed US Policy there is no real friend left in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Libya in spite of heavy life sacrifices by US forces and huge monetary loss. After getting huge financial and Military aid of weapons including F16 jets Pakistan cheated USA and joined China. Philippines also joined China, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and African countries provide space to Chinese economy to flourish against US one.

In Syria USA and its allies like Saudi Arab, Turkey and Qatar are fully supporting terrorists by declaring them moderate. Its irony that US claims that it has declared ISIS and Al-Qaida as terrorist’s organizations but on the other US and its allies are fully supporting ISIS and Al-qaida, while Russia and Iran are genuinely fighting these terrorist’s forces, which your honor has also appreciated in your speech.

In Yemen when Al-Qaida was on the verge to defeat, Saudi Arab and Gulf Wahabi countries jumped to help them with the fully US and British Military support. Saudi Arab used Obama administration to promote Wahabi ideologue by killing Shias as part of its anti-Shia historical campaign.

Being Muslims, we feel awkward, when world powers and its media propaganda machine comes forward to promote terrorist ideology and defame the whole Muslim community by terming them as Islamic terrorism. It’s well documented that there are 72 sects in Islam, the only one sect which is Wahabism/Salafism established by UK after first world war against Turkey to divide Muslims. Except this new fanatic ideology which spreads hatred against all other religions and does hate even other sect of Islam and preaches to kill other than Wahabis. Rest 71 sects of Islam are very peaceful and respect all the religions and do not support wahabism/salafism. It’s time to change media propaganda against other sects of Islam and media should not be allowed to promote terrorist’s propaganda by using the pretext of freedom of speech.

It’s time to act against Wahabi/Salafi ideology and its masters, because all the terrorists including Al-qaida, ISIS, Al-Shabab, Jaishe Mohammad, Lashkare Toiba and others believe in Wahabism and teach and preach this Saudi brand Wahabi/salafi ideology. It’s time to act saudi Arab, Qatra, Gulf Countries, Turkey and Pakistan who are responsible to commit genocide Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Yazdis and other human being by encouraging, training, weaponizing and using these Wahabi terrorists, otherwise the election promises and speech of your honor will become a slogan like Obama.

It’s strange to hear, that American President Barak Obama support Saudi Arab instead of helping his own people who had suffered in 9/11 and who had elected him for the top post to safeguard American interest not the interest of Saudis and their terrorists. Obama used his Vito to kill Congress bill aimed to sue Saudi Arab. Obama also acts on Saudi ditcations mostly, support and encourage Wahabism and did not bother how many human being including Christians are getting killed in the hands of these Saudi terrorists.

It’s time to punish those including George W. Bush and Barak Hussain Obama who commit crime by killing mostly moderate people by using Wahabi terrorists and defamed Islam. After 9/11 US administration awarded Saudi Arab for its 15 terroists who hit World Trade Center and other installation by patronizing Wahabi terrorists like Al-Qaid, Talibaan and ISIS ect.

The moderate terrorist’s concept should be demolished, because those who kill human being on their own and those who kill on your directions should not be differentiated.

How ridiculous is the terminology of moderate introduced for Afganistan Talibaan and some other groups who kill people in Syrian coming from Europe, Saudi Arab, Gulf Countries and Pakistan for money or in support of Wahabi ideology is pretext to destroy the whole country and region and their civilization. It’s strange that Obama administration blames President Asad of Syria that he is killing his own people and do not bother how many terrorists entered Syria and kill human being and destroy shrines. While Asad has the duty to defend his country against Wahabi terrorim imposed on him by US and its Allies, Saudi Arab and Turkey etc.

This is time to support and encourage moderate sects of Islam who respect other religions and have democratic ideology.

Its irony that US administration used to support all these Wahabi ideology countries including, Saudi Arab, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey and Pakistan who promote terrorism and do not respect democracy, freedom of speech and Justice and human rights violation are daily routines against their own people on religious and political basis.

This is a part of dark history and humiliation for those who claim to be the champions of human rights, that Saudi Arab has been elected as Chairman of UNHRC in Geneva. This is the country which promote trrorism, this is the country where religious opponents are butchered.  This is the country where human rights are openly violated by using centuries old barbaric Sharia laws against poor people and religious opponents. But some UN member countries including Britain did not bother human rights for pato-dollars and allowed Saudi Arab to commit all kind of atrocities against Saudi citizens and spread its terror ideology by reining UNHRC, this is the dead end of UNHRC.

Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria, Houthis of Yemen and India are genuinely fighting terrorists and do not play double game like what US allies, Saudi Arab, Qatar, Turkey and Pakistan do.

Your honor’s appreciation of Russia, Iran and Syria’s war against terrorists has brought some hope to those who love peace and we hope that your honor will not encourage terrorist’s masters, if US experienced establishment does not divert your attention from this important issue.

It’s time to act against Saudi Kingdom to emancipate the Saudi Arab people from the clutches of brutal and terrorist master Monarch, so they are given democracy and freedom of speech and fair Judiciary and respect human rights of other sects and religions. Saudi Arab’s kingdom should have been punished much before the invasion of Afghanistan, because 15 terrorists out of 18, who committed the 9/11 crime were Saudis.

China is trying to bypass US economically and Militarily, due to fail US policy for the last 2-3 decades, shifting most industries from USA, EU and Japan, which resulted the world is flooding low standard items due to intentionally compromising stand.

Your honor’s appreciation Russia, Iran and Syria’s war against terrorists during your election campaign has brought some hope to those who love peace.

Moderate, secular and peace loving people of the world hope your honor will not encourage terrorists and their masters by following past practice, if US experienced establishment does not divert your attention from this important issue.

Abdul Hamid Khan
Balawaristan National Front (BNF)
Head Office: Majini Mahla, Gilgit, Balawaristan (Pakistan & China Occupied Gilgit Baltistan)


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