Chairman of AAC has been arrested in Pakistan Occupied Gilgit

Maulana Sultan Raees Chairman AAC (Awami Action Committee) and Co-ordinator Fida Hussain were arrested by occupation regime of Pakistan and presented them to the Anti-terrorist Court, because of their peaceful political mobilization of people of Gilgit Baltistan. Terroriist Court has given 5 days Police remand and asked them why they had protested on 15 August on the independent day of India against Pakistan.They had also sitin (Dharna) on 26th against attrocities of Pakistan. Their demand is to restore state subject rule and no land should be given to any non-state citizend. They demand due right of owner in CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridore). The so-called illegal and un-constitutional anti-terrorist court had also given life imprisonment to those political activits who demand for rights peacefully. Occupation regime of Pakistan has established JIT (Joint Investigation Team, consisits of all kind of Pakistani agencies and ISI personal to torture thr victim). Its irony that there is no independent and legal Judiciary in this occupied part.

AAC demands are given below


The following Charter of Demand has been presented to the occupation regime of Pakistan in Gilgtit by AAC (Awami Action Committee) to solve the grave problem and national issue.

1. Share in the CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridore)should be given to Gilgit Baltistan by keeping its constitutional staus and geographical situation in mind.

a. GB (Gilgit Baltistan) should be declared Tax free zone in CPEC

b. All the power projects of CPEC must be installed in GB

c. At least 3 economic zones should be established, culture and religion must be protected in CPEC. All the historical routes should be included in CPEC

d. At least 20% share of CPEC income should be given to GB on permenant basis in present and future. Transfer of Sost Dry Port to any other area out side of GB should be declared illegal

2. All the taxes imposed on GB must be declared null and void

a. GB should be given its share from general tax

b. All the taxes including property tax, income tax etc. should not be imposed on GB

3. Subsidies on 23 items including wheat should be restored

4. Mineral Policy of 2016 should be abolished and all powers regarding Minerals should be given to the indigenous people of GB

5. To snatch land from GB people should be ended and peopleís right of ownership must be restored immediately

State Subject Rule like other parts of J&K must be respected and violation must be stopped

a. End forcibly occupation of public (all the land in GB belong to people and not government) land, there is no Khalsa land, neither Sikh Khalsa nor Legal Sarkar exists in GB.

b. Government of Pakistan must pay compensation to the people before takinbg any land in GB.

6. Load shedding must be ended, Power projects like Henzel, Chelmishdaas, Skarkooi, Shoghorthang and Phandar must be started

7. Merit and transpatrency must be adopted in employement and other projects.

a. Un-employment allowance must be paid to the un-employed youh.

b. The quota of employees deputed from Pakistan must be decreased to 2 %

8. Open all the historical routes of GB,construction of Skardu Road must be started.

a. Construction of Ghazer Tajikistan Road should be started

b. Pameer Road must be opened. Construction of Astore Shonter Road should be started

c. Open Kargil Ladakh to Skardu Road

9. Solve GB boundary dispute impartially and secure GB boundaries and stop encroachments

a. Solve Thor of Diamar and Harban of Kohistan boundary issue

b. Handover Shandoor to GB (whole Mestuch Tehsil was legal part of Yasen till 1914)

c. Handover the land of Shimshal ceded to China in 1963 illegally

10. Royalty of Diamar Bhasha Dame should be given to GB.

11. Establish Medical College, Engineering College, Engineering University. Educational institution must be improved. Incres quota for GB in Pkistani educational and other institutions and departments.


1. Commander FCNA (Force Commander Northern Areas)

2. Chief Minister

3. Chief Secretary

4. Media



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