Balawaristan National Students Organization (BNSO) organized a protest in Islamabad Press Club today on 4th Oct 2015 against the arrest, torture and nationalist political leaders in Pakistan occupied Gilgit on 4th June. The detainees  Safdar Ali (BNF), Iftikhar paalay (BNF), Iftikhar Hussain (BNF), Wasim Balawar (BNF), Mudasir (BNF), Comrade Baba Jan (AWP), Nadir Hassan Khan (BTF), Iftikhar Karbalai (KNM), Akbar Hussain (KNM) andTahir Ali, who have been framed as terrorists and charged in terrorist and sedition aqct. This is Pakistani occupation, where political leaders are framed as terrorists and terrorists are freed to kill  political opponents of Pakistan on their will.
BNF (Balawaristan National  Front) leader Shahid Hussain and  BNSO leaders Camrade Sher Nadir Shahi, sahafi Alam Noor Haider, AWP,  Prof Shah Jahan, Muhamad akmal addressed the protest and demand for the release of the political leaders who are facing life imprisonment and death sentence in terrorist and sedition charges.


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