Compare what happened after Pakistan’s drama of 2009 Empowerment package. Before this
package only 3 high level Pakistani officials/citizens including Army Head ( Force Commander for
GB), Chief Secretary and IGP were being deputed from Pakistan.
But after this fraud package Pakistani masters snatched all the important posts from the indigenous
people of Balawaristan (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit Baltistan) and imposed their own citizens.
1.Force Commander Gilgit Baltistan
2. Chief Secretary Tahir Hussain, Pakistani citizen from Punjab
3. IGP Zafar Iqbal Awan , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
4. Secretary Home Ehsan Ullah Bhuta , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
5. Secretary S&GAD Jahanzeb Awan , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
6. Secretary Finance Jahagir Mushtaq wird , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
7. Secretary P&D Hanif Chana Sindh, Punjab
8. Secretary Works Burhan Babar , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
9. Secretary Minerals Rai Manzoor Hasnain , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
10. Disaster Management Authority (GBDMA) DG Asim Reza , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
11. DC Gilgit Muhammad Salik , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
12. AC Gilgit Waqas ahmed , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
13. DC Nagar…Reza…………, Pakistani citizen from Punjab
14. DC Astore Umer sher chatta , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
15. DC Skardu Syed Musa Raza , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
16. AC Askardu Nadeem Nasir, Pakistani citizen from Punjab
17. SSP skardu Gulfam , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
18. Commissioner Baltistan Malik Afsar Punjab

19. DIG Askardu Umar salamat , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
20. Ac Diamer Khuram shezad , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
21. SP Diamer Danishwar khan Pathan (KPK) , citizen of Pakistan
22. SP Investigation Gilgit Ali Raza , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
23. DIG Diamer Inayat ullah Farooqi Hazara (KPK) citizen of Pakistan
24. AC Khaplu Qaiser Nadeem Lahore , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
25. DIG H/Q CPO Gilgit Inamul Rahman , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
26. AC Punyal Ishhqamen Dr Fahad mumtaz , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
27. AC Gupis Yasen Naveed Ahmed , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
28. SSP Gilgit Rana Moonawarul Haq , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
29. DC Gilgit Hamza Salik Punjabi.
30 AC Gilgit Rana Waqas Anwar , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
31. SSP Diamar Danishwar Khan Punjabi.
32. AC Ghezr Fahad Ahmad , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
33. AC Hunza Cap. Rtd. Samiul Haq , Pakistani citizen from Punjab
34. Supreme Appellate Courte Chief Judge Rana Arshad, Pakistani citizen from Punjab
35. Judge Banking Court Maher Ejaz Ali Sail , Pakistani citizen from Punjab, Multan.
Citizens of Gilgit Baltistan (GB), on Less important posts are:
1.Secretary Education Sanaullah GB, Citizen
2. Secretary Law Rahim Gul GB
3. Secretary Health Rasheed Ahmed GB
4. Secretary Food Asif ullah GB
5. Secretary Agriculture khadim GB
6. Secretary W&P Zafar waqar Taj GB
7. Secretary LG&RD Asif Ulllah GB
8. Secretary Forest Sajad Haider GB

9.Secretary Tourism Hadi GB
10. Secretary Excise and Taxation Akhtar Rizvi GB
11. DC Ganchai Tariq Hussain GB
12. AC Ganchai Sub.Div Mashabrum M.Ibrahim GB
13. AC Ganchai Sub.Division Daghoni Wazir Iqbal GB
14. SP Ganchai Ghulam Nabi GB
15. DC Shigar Rahman Shah GB
16. AC Shigar Ameer Khan GB
17. SP Shigar Abdul Rahim GB
18. DC Kharmang Basharat Hussain GB
19. AC Kharmang Sultan Khan GB
20. SP Kharmang Mohd. Zahid GB
21. AC Roundu Ameer Azam GB
22. AIG Crime Tufail GB
23. SP Gilgit Anwer GB
24. SP KKH Farman Ali GB
25. DC Diamir Usman GB
26. AC Darail Azeem Ullah GB
27. AC Tangair Fayaz
28. DC Ghezer Mir Waqar GB

GB Besides this, occupation regime recruited thousand and thousand Pakistani agents and also allowed
China to recruits agents to control the indigenous people of Gilgit Baltistan. To select Mehdi Shah
and then Hafiz Ur Rehman both are Kashmiri settlers and not indigenous was also part of Pakistan
and China joint conspiracy.

The wall chalking of ISIS / ISI in Amphari Mahala of Gilgit City and threat general public of Darel
and so-called Chief Minister of GB statement about DAESH presence on the borders of district
Ghazer all are the instruments of Pakistani occupation regime trick to threat the indigenous people,
not to challenge any China Pakistani conspiracy against the occupation of Gilgit Baltistan by using
the terminology of Corridor. I appreciate the statement of Pathan senator Zahid Khan about
corridor conspiracy against Gilgit Baltistan. This statement is enough to open the eyes of our
people. I hope our people not puppets will not allow any country to snatch their Fatherland
(Balawaristan) by any trick.

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Abdul Hamid Khan is the chairman of Balawaristan National Front (BNF), a nationalist political party of Balawaristan (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit-Baltistan), which Pakistan had purposefully named as Northern Areas to keep its disputed status obscured. Chairman Khan started a political struggle for the human and political rights of the deprived people of Gilgit-Baltistan, after the year 1988. However, in the depoliticized region under the Pakistani bureaucratic establishment he faced many difficulties.


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