ISLAMABAD: Abid Hassan Manto, the Chairman of Awami Workers Party, has written a letter to Syed Tahir Ali Shah, Chief Election Commissioner of Gilgit-Baltistan, drawing his attention towards, what he has termed, pre-poll rigging.

In the letter, the leader of the leftist party, has said that PM Nawaz Sheriffs recent visit to the region to announce financial packages was mean effort to influence the Hunza by-election, where AWPís nominated candidate Baba Jan is also a contestant.

The influential lawyer of the Supreme Court has urged the GB Chief Election Commissioner to take notice of the blatant pre-poll rigging and take strict and immediate action to nullify the effects of the PMís announcements. It may be noted here that AWP candidate Baba Jan, who is in a jail, is contesting the by-elections from Hunza area.


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