GILGIT: Chief Minister Hafeezur Rahman said over 700 vacant posts of service grade-17 and above will be filled through the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC).

This will ensure transparency as promised,î the chief minister said. If the government had ill intentions, we would have formed an induction committee, but we didnít.î He said 750 positions of grade-17 and 18 would be advertised by the FPSC within coming months and then tests will be held accordingly.

Rahmanís comments came a day after the GB Legislative Assembly approved an amendment in the regions public service commission act. The amendment allows the FPSC to conduct tests for the vacant posts. It was passed unanimously and tabled by Parliamentary Secretary on Law Advocate Aurangzeb Khan.

Commenting on the amended act, Aurangzeb Khan said FPSC refused to conduct tests and interviews for GB candidates over the years on the grounds that the region had its own such body. He said several candidates passed their upper age limit due to this issue. Aurangzeb said the GB Public Service Commission Act passed by the assembly in 2010, was not in practice and therefore tests or interviews were not conducted for the vacant posts. ìFPSC would do the hiring till GBís public service commission was fully operational.î

In addition, the Legislative Assembly also adopted a resolution seeking amendments to schedule 5 of the GB Governance Order 2009 to separate the regions quota from Fata in federal government jobs.

Aurangzeb Khan, while presenting the resolution, said jobs in the federal government were jointly advertised for Fata and GB which goes against the interest of the latter’s candidates. The house unanimously passed the resolution.


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